West LRT Electrical Substations

Oxford Business Park Warehouse Buildings

Inland Pipe Plant

Copperfield Park Buildings #1000-#5000

Didsbury Supportive Living Facility

Wing Kei Supportive Living

Chestermere Lift Station #10

NW Geomatics Office/Warehouse

Airdrie RVS 6-8 School

Chestermere RVSD K-9 School

Airdrie RVS 9-12 High School

Shoppers Drug Distribution Centre

Westmount Corporate Campus

The Colours Condominium - 24 Storey

Vantage Pointe Condominium - 28 Storey

The Chocolate Condominium - 20 Storey

Mount Royal College Student Residence Buildings

Ambrose University College Academic/Residence Buildings


Completed Projects